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Is the Water in the Vaal River safe?
8 ISTD Finalists for NWU 

Hansa Powerade Dusi 2009 preparations going well 





The old man with the sack 
Christmas Wish Came True! 

Senwes wys wen-entrepreneur vir laerskole aan 
An official structure now in place to advance youth aspirations in Agriculture 


'Father Christmas' (or 'Santa Claus') has become the human face of Christmas.

Pictures will be seen everywhere of the old man with long white beard, red coat, and bag of toys.

Children are taught that he brings them presents the night before Christmas (or in some countries on December 6th - St. Nicholas' Day), and many children up to the age of 7 or 8 really believe this is true. In most countries, it is said that he lives near the North Pole, and arrives through the sky on a sledge (snow-cart) pulled by reindeer.  

He comes into houses down the chimney at midnight and places presents for the children in socks or bags by their beds or in front of the family Christmas tree.

Who was he?

Father Christmas is based on a real person, St. Nicholas, which explains his other name 'Santa Claus' which comes from the Dutch 'Sinterklaas'. Nicholas was a Christian leader from Myra (in modern-day Turkey) in the 4th century AD.  

He was very shy, and wanted to give money to poor people without them knowing about it. It is said that one day, he climbed the roof of a house and dropped a purse of money down the chimney. It landed in the stocking which a girl had put to dry by the fire!  

This may explain the belief that Father Christmas comes down the chimney and places gifts in children's stockings.

How did Christmas start?  

Since about 400 AD, Christians have celebrated the birth of Jesus. 'Christ' means 'Messiah' or 'Anointed One' - the title given to Jesus.

The real meaning of Christmas is often forgotten. It has become a non-religious holiday! More children believe in Father Christmas than in Jesus. Christmas Day is a time for eating and drinking too much and watching television.  

But the real Christmas story is found in the Christian Bible.  

Continued from page 1: It is told in two different books: Matthew and Luke chapters 1 and 2. These chapters tell how Jesus was born as a baby to Mary. This was no ordinary birth! She was not married, she was a virgin and an angel had told her she would bear a special baby. Her husband-to-be, Joseph, did not believe her at first. Who would? Then an angel told him in a dream that it was true! Probably no one else believed it. So when they had to travel from their home in Nazareth to Bethlehem (near Jerusalem), to register their names with the ruling Roman government, they probably escaped many hard words from other people. 

 Arrival in Bethlehem brought worry and upset: there was no room for them to stay at the hotel. There was only space in the stable - the animal house for travelers' donkeys and horses.

 Jesus was born that night, and as they had no bed for him, they used an animal feeding box filled with the dry grass the animals ate.

At that time, sheep farmers were seen by other people as low and of no value. Yet it was to these shepherds that the birth of Jesus was first announced in an amazing dramatic way:

"That night there were some men looking after sheep in the fields nearby. Suddenly they saw a great light. It was an angel, who said,

Don't be afraid. I have good news for you, and for all people. Someone great has been born today. He is Christ, the great King you have been waiting for. He will save you from all that is wrong and evil. You will find him dressed in baby clothes, lying on a bed of dry grass.'”


Name: Santa Clause

Birthday:  Very long time ago

Star Sign: Star of David

Occupation: Professional Toy distributer and overseer of the naughty and nice kids. 

When I look into the mirror every morning I think: This belly has eaten one to many cookies and milk.  

My favourite people in the world are: Children, Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

My favourite quote is: HO HO HO! 

Rudolf’s red nose makes me laugh. 

The greatest lesson life has taught me so far is: Never eat before going down a chimney! 

I'll do almost anything for: Cookies & Milk 

When I get stressed I am most likely to throw ......out a window....slays don’t have windows. 

I wouldn't mind being stuck in an elevator with: Mrs Clause 

In three words I am: Big, joyful and giving.   

If I had a million rand to spare I would:          Pimp my slay! 

I live in North Pole because:    That’s where the elves and the surprises are! 

The first thing I would save from a house fire is: There aren’t many house fires in the North Pole, but if there was a fire, I would save all the children’s presents. 

My nickname is: Santa 

I love my job because: I just love the way the children’s face brighten up when they see their presents. I love children and would do anything to make them happy. 


An occasion or something deeper?

The ancient Greeks referred to the mastery of time and occasion as kairos.  This was a necessary skill in the art of rhetoric.  They were so taken up by this that they made kairos into a god, carving him as an athlete, beautiful in front and bald in the back.  This to show how fleeting and ephemeral important moments can be.  The Romans changed his name to Occasio (occasion). 

This is not meant to be flippant.  On the contrary, both the Greeks and the Romans realized the significance of kairos in their debates and court cases.  That place in a trial or debate where the case can be swung on a single vital item of rhetoric.  A person's life could be in the balance. 

Herman Wouk wrote the Caine Mutiny in 1951.  He won the coveted Pulitzer Prize for this excellent piece of literature.  The climax of the novel centers on the trial of Lieutenants Maryk and Keith for mutiny.  There had never been a mutiny in the United States Navy before the one on the Caine so there was no precedent.  And no one wanted to represent the defendants at the court martial.  Except for Lieutenant Greenwald that is.  If found guilty the officers faced the death penalty.  Maryk and Keith were on trial for relieving Commander Francis Queeg as Captain of the Caine.  It was thought that Queeg was not mentally fit to command the ship and that he was placing the crew's lives unnecessarily in danger.  Very difficult stuff to prove.  At the court martial the very able Greenwald let the drama unfold until the time was right to close in on Queeg.  This he did with surgical precision and he had Queeg floundering all over the show.  After Queeg's rather inept performance, the court had no option but to acquit the defendants.  The point I am making is that Greenwald had only one shot at it.  The occasio had to be exactly right.  Get it wrong and two men could end up paying with their lives. 

We all have our occasios from time to time:  The right time to close a deal;  the right time to propose to a loved one;  the right time to call a poker hand and so on.

We are entering the time of Christmas.  A time of great spiritual importance to devout Christians around the world.  The birth of the Christ is pivotal, if not fundamental to the Christian Church.  For if this event did not take place, we would not have one of the great monotheist faiths in the world today.  Taken further, the mystery of the virgin both poses one of the truly great challenges to our mental faculties.  How is it possible for a virgin to give birth?  In the secular it is biologically not possible.

While growing up, going to Sunday School like most of the kids, one developed a simple belief system.  A system that, rightly or wrongly, allowed for very little latitude in thinking.  You merely accepted what was told you.  In formative years this is very convenient and comfortable  there are very few challenges to one's fecund processes.

In adulthood however, this all changes.  One is no longer fettered to the narrow confines of youth;  where life's problems are neatly wrapped in boxes with wrong and right answers; where solutions to problems can be band-aided. 

With maturity, comes freedom of choice.  And herein lies the challenge.  Against the backdrop of all the vast information that is at our disposal; our self-confidence; our insured well-being.  Could Mary, a virgin, have given birth to the Christ?  Don't feel alone in this.  Later on in his life Jesus was to ask his disciples, 'Who do people say the Son of Man is?'.  They replied, 'Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.'  But what about you? He asked, 'Who do you say I am?'  Clearly the proverbial gauntlet is being laid down.  A decision needs to be made.  In a paradoxical way, it's as simple or as difficult as that. 

At this time of great celebration, with the sweep of Christmas on us, I believe we often tend to look at this period in isolation.  Sure it is a time of happiness (we need happiness) where we get away from it all  meet friends and family, go on holiday; splash out a bit; let off some steam.  But don't we in the mix of this time, the occasio, lose sight of the bigger picture of the gift of the birth of Christ?  Something of immeasurable value, to be treasured for all time?'  Something beyond our mortal selves?  A glimpse of the divine? It need not be temporary. 

Last Monday I found myself at the local taxi rank.  There were blue lights flashing, yellow plastic tape being strung out to form a perimeter around a lifeless, prostrate form.  It was a stabbing.  Another senseless loss.  For some the occasio of this time gets too much.  There is a sad emptiness to it.  A sense of despair.

Yet there is hope. Yes there is always hope.

'Silent night, Holy night

All is calm, all is bright . . .' 

Collin Hyman 


In an effort to eradicate informal settlements and create vibrant and sustainable human settlements , North West MEC for Developmental Local Government and Housing,Howard Yawa launched a R200 million housing development project in Mafikeng Extension 39 on Friday.The finance linked subsidy programme (Flips) is to cater for income earners between R3500-R7000 is a public private partnership between the department of Developmental Local Government and Housing,Mafikeng Local Municipality and ilima Real Estate Pty Ltd as

turnkey developer. Government 's contribution in the form of subsidies for the beneficiaries of the housing development based on the flips
scale amounts to R30 million.According to the land availability agreement signed with the developer,the developer takes the full risk of the development from application for township establishment,design and monitoring of construction process until the handover of 811 houses to beneficiaries.The developer is to be paid by the bank once the beneficiary has taken occupation of the house.

"Despite the huge housing backlog that the democratic government led by the African National Congress inherited,we have made great strides over the past 14 years to eradicate the apartheid legacy of homelessness and depravation that successive apartheid and Bantustan government subjected our people. We are indeed breaking the old apartheid planning in housing delivery.Although much more still needs to be done,the delivery of 2,6 million houses since 1994 is unsurpassed achievement in the history of human development and should inspire us as the African National Congress (ANC) government to give further expression to the pledge that we made in the Freedom Charter that, There shall be houses,security and comfort." MEC Yawa said in his keynote address.

He expressed his confidence that the housing development with its robust,modern,exquisite and energy efficient designs will meet the expectation of the targeted beneficiaries who were not always catered for by the local housing market and accounted for a high number of declined housing subsidy applications for low cost housing meant for the poorest of the poor that his department had to process.

According to Yawa, an estimate 2400 jobs are to be created over a period of two years during the construction of the 811
houses that comprise of 2 to 4 bedrooms ranging from R120 000 to R300 000.An additional benefit to boost the local economy will be the use of local contractors and material suppliers. Recognising that the event coincided with the 50th anniversary of the historic All African People's Convention held in the capital of Ghana,Accra 5-8 December 1958,Yawa said that achievements in housing delivery would have made the founding fathers of liberation movements on the continent proud that the ANC has not departed from the pledge of the Freedom Charter to provide houses, security and comfort.

Christmas Wish Came True! 

It is has just gone seven in the morning when Sylvia and Cecelia pushed the lock closed on their tiny “Makoek” in Extension 23 in Jouberton. With the morning sun stroking their backs and just a whisper of a swirling draught rustling the leaves in the great big tree next to them both involuntarily gazed into the skies that envelope their world. It is with trepidation and a clawing niggle of fear that they note some clouds to the north-east.  

They are identical twins and without a word they communicate their fear one to the other. With small swirls of red dust rising from each step they make their way to the taxi rank.  They feel lucky to have a job, especially in these times and more so because they have to support a very sick sister with a small baby, a father who has been unable to work since he was nearly pronounced dead after a dreadful car accident some years ago, a mother who just cannot find work at her age and a brother that is busy finishing school. Hopefully he will soon be able to assist. 

Ever so often during the day both of the 25 year olds check the weather outside of their places of work. Both note the white clouds closing in and becoming a menacing thick blue. The crack of a lightning strike makes Sylvia drop her pen to fearfully look through the roof cracking from the noon heat high above her head, while she shares her fear with her twin looking over her shoulder, but thankfully it does not rain at all --- not even a drop. They just cannot handle it raining again! 

What they do not see over the trees and the buildings obscuring a clear view and the natural curvature of earth is the tell tale streaks forming a blue blanket from the clouds just the over Jouberton.  

It is raining over Extension 23, but not much. It is definitely not a storm and some may even say that it hardly settled the dust that has become such an inevitable part of their daily living. But a small stream forms three streets to the north of their home just to joyfully join other such streams from streets connecting at the corner. The water mischievously collects some more of the red soil from the bottom and sides of the rut that was formed by previous steams just like this one. It rolls downhill picking up speed and looking for other streams, which it gleefully finds! 

It has already stopped raining and the clouds have made way for some of the suns' streaks to paint light blotches on the water darkened red soil and to sparkle playfully off the edges of the small stream which has now become anything but good natured.

It comes cascading around the corner to slam into the bricks, stones and soil that the twins have placed on the edge of their yard and sweeps it aside like breadcrumbs being wiped from a plastic table cloth. 

The mud-soiled water careens into the side of the small makoek. It manfully tries to withstand the force for just a moment before it is forced to give up the fight. And it happens a fourth time in less than 3 weeks……………. The twins are busy losing everything again, not that there was much left after the previous three times, even with the stuff given to them by their friends and employers. 

This is the real story of 2 very courageous girls who have not stopped smiling or hoping after all of this. Two girls who have stood firmly on their faith believing that God will turn it around and replace sevenfold what the devil has stolen from them ……and He did! 

Elmarie phoned me within a day after the last incident with just these words: “ It cannot carry on like this. We need to build them a house!” 

I have come to know Elmarie over the past years. “OK”, was my only retort. “When and how?”, was my next. “I have had plans drawn by a friend last night. Can I come over?”, was her answer. 

Needless to say, I have just become a co-developer in a house that was started 3 weeks ago with no capital, no prior planning, no anything …. A house that will be ready for the family to move into for Christmas!! And it is because of the driving insistence of an Elmarie and the open hearts of a community of business men and ordinary people like you that we have been able to become the hands and feet of God allowing Him to come good on His promise! 

I was still trying to get into the planning groove to find that Elmarie had already obtained the help of a builder and that the foundations were being dug. I received a stark lesson on faith! 

What an incredible joy it was when Johan at Rio Casino immediately helped us with outside bricks at a cost of R6800.00. We could get going! Not a quibble or a word, just a “How can we assist?”

Frik Nel from Toro ya Africa helped us with the floor after just a call and it was done with his cement plant already closed for the building holiday,

Les Davey had to offer his Saturday morning to orchestrate the making and placing of the cement with 2 of his trusted workers. Les then offered 20litres of high quality paint, paint that he has bought to paint his own home with, to finish all of the inside off with,

Tiles for Africa gave us a bath and hand basin,

Simmy at Handy House gave us the frames at a cost of R1200.00 for the inside doors,

Heather Pappas invested a R1500.oo and that after donating her kitchen cupboards that she was going to use in her garage,

Her daughter immediately presented us with 2 side table lamps,

Star FM 102.9 immediately made it a Wish-List-Project helping us to get into the hearts of our community and to be able to publicly that those who have and are willing to help,

Rock Building Supplies that helped us with some of the product needed at cost,

Braam at Novac Glass for the cutting and fitting of all the glass windows,

Gerhard Lues paid from his own pocket for the wood that will be used for shelving in the kitchen,

Boardboy is prepared to give the wood needed at cost price, Ivan Coetzer from Haco gave his truck for transporting much of the donated stuff to the building site,

Ivan Lucas at Lambsons has helped us for free with use of much needed building machinery,

After much searching and begging for loose bricks from friends and foes, Mike at Ke-Lesedi bricks to the value of R3800.00 for all of the inside walls,

Ronald at Zetron Electrical will be donating the entire electrical installation with its full certification valued at R20,000.00

Theuns from GTC Plumbing will be doing the plumbing for ua at a value of R5000.00,

The walls around the erf, that will be able to safeguard the house against the water onslaught, is being done by Jakkie & Francois of Rawsons,

While Brian and Sandra from R & H Fencing will supply the anchor poles for the fencing as well as the windowsills

Elmarie from Kwik-Fit is the driving force behind the entire effort and she has given a huge amount of time and organising to put this all together,

Freddy and Nadine at Steel & Alloy supplied us with R2500.00 worth of steel for the roof trusses,

Andre at Builders Market has supplied 5 doors at R850.00

Vossie at Garden Pavillion will be doing the garden once the house has been finished,

Sheriff at Whirlpool has just promised us a R2500.00 fridge and Peers Place Restaurant is the I in here. 

We want to thank everybody that has helped so graciously to assit us in helping these girls and their family yet, to be able to finish the house completely, we still need the following. May we as brash to ask once again for these items: 

• The Steel/Galvanized piece that waterproofs the roof right at the top, 

• Tiles for the bathroom and kitchen  

• Tile adhesive  

• White Enamel paint for the window frames, which

we purchased second-hand when they demolished

the old Dairy-Belle building,  

• Paint for the roof. We were able to purchase the corrugated roof panels second-hand from the Dairy-Belle building as well,  

• Cement to enable the plastering of the inside walls, 

• Isolation for the roof, and if somebody has a lounge suite, beds and linen and loose furniture it would be absolutely wonderful  

Friends were able to supply us with some cutlery and crockery, a kettle and some 2nd hand pots and pans. Hannie is doing some curtains for them. 

After Star fm 102.9 broadcast this morning Herman Prinsloo Construction gave us the steel/galvanized piece that waterproofs the roof right at the top, thank you Herman and thank you to Janie from Dulux for donating the generous amount of paint. 

It is another 2 weeks to Christmas. Help us to help them move into a dream. Cecelia keeps on saying: “I am waiting to wake up”

An official structure now in place to advance youth aspirations in Agriculture 

Buffelspoort: More than two hundred young people from all four districts of the North West Province came together at the Buffelspoort Holiday Resort near Rustenburg for a two day launching of the Youth in Agriculture and Rural Development (YARD) which was followed by the executive election conference.  

This event was hosted by the North West Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment in conjunction with the North West Provincial Youth Commission and the Bojanala Platinum District Municipality. 

The launch is subsequent to the provincial youth summit held in 2007 and National launching of this structure in June this year, whose main purposes were to ensure that government through DACE achieves its mandate of sustainable agriculture and rural development. 

YARD is a mass based national organization initiated by the Department of Agriculture and Land Affairs and is meant to promote and develop excellence in agriculture amongst the youth and to improve agricultural activities to ensure food security and economic stability. 

Addressing the youth during the launching ceremony, MEC for Agriculture, Environment and Conservation Jan Serfontein committed his department to the welfare of youth and said that the department has opened its doors to assist them to participate in agriculture and rural development. 

MEC Serfontein also made a pronouncement of the Provincial Advisory Council that will act as an advisory body to the Youth Commission and the department on matters concerning agriculture. The council comprises of relevant stakeholders and experts in agriculture from the department, other government departments, tertiary institutions, private companies and organised agriculture.  

In congratulating the council, MEC Serfontein said he hoped that the council will work as a collective in order to reach a common goal and that they should respect, uphold and implement all necessary resolutions as taken.  

In addition, a Provincial Executive Committee that will be responsible for managing YARD in the province was elected. This committee includes nine additional members representing all districts.  

The executive committee comprises of

Keikannemang Radipina : Chairperson

Moleko Montshosi : Deputy Chairperson

Tebogo Radikgojane : Secretary

Lebogang Matshidiso : Deputy Secretary

Tlamelo Mfaladi : Treasure 

In his inaugural address the chairperson said it is the most appropriate time for young people to havea structure in which to advance their aspirations in agriculture.

“Through the cooperation and assistance from the department and all affected spheres of government, YARD's goal will be achieved”, said Keikannemang Radipina, the newly appointed provincial Yard chairperson. 

8 ISTD Finalists for NWU 

CiLab has repeated it's 2007 success in this year's ISTD assessment scheme by securing 8 passes and 1 merit award.  Sucessful passes went to Melissa Maloney, Lizelle Olivier, Almarie Cilliers, Wilmarie Kruger, Marli Heunis, Gerda van der Walt, WG Schoeman and Suzan van Wyk, who was also awarded a Merit. The assessment scheme is now in its 30th year and strives to encourage high quality typography at a student level within local institutions. Students are given a variety of complex and conceptually demanding briefs from which to choose and, should they pass the assessments, are invited to join the society as a qualified typographer.

Based in London, the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) establishes and maintains typographic standards within the professional design and education communities, through the forum of debate and design practice. The society seeks to foster a symbiotic relationship between education and industry by publishing and promoting the highest quality contemporary practice amongst its international membership.


A fastest growing BMF Province in the history of the BMF Nationally launched its second official BMF Branch within North West Province, namely Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District BMF Branch and the Provincial BMFsc few months after launching Ngaka Modiri Molema District BMF Branch on the 3rd December 2008 at Klerksdorp Vuselela College. Within a space of two months Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District BMF Branch saw an unprecedented membership growth that has never been seen before again in the entire history of BMF. 

The launch event was well supported by the business community, BMF and prospective members.  Most importantly the launch was graced and honoured by the valued presence and support of the speaker of North West Province legislature, honorable Ms Thandi Modise as the Keynote Speaker, Honorable Mayor of Matlotsane Municipality Mr. TS Dodovu and His Excellency Honorable Executive Mayor of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality Mrs. B E Moloi.

The event was a resounding great success in that more than 100 guests and prospective BMF members attended. In the words of the Provincial Chairperson, Mr. Fani Xaba, the successful launch of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District BMF Branch and the Provincial BMFsc has raised the bar by far for other BMF Provinces and Branches. 

Mr. Fani Xaba gave a brief background of who and what BMF stands for. He also highlighted the importance and value of why people should join BMF. 

BMF is a non racial organization focusing on development of managerial leadership skills and transformation agenda in business so that social and economic justice goals set out in our country's constitution can be realized.

The organization is nationally based with 30 branches throughout the country, providing career guidance to young people through 40 established student chapters at various colleges and universities.  

In addition, there are some 100 corporate members who identify with the mission and ideals of the BMF. Said Mr. Xaba 

With the valued support and cooperation of the business community of North West Province, BMF North West will easily become a pacesetter, a benchmark and a leader for thought leadership in the Republic of South Africa. 

For more information contact: Phuti Moremi BMF North West Provincial Administrator, Tel: 014 592 3649; e-mail 

Is the Water in the Vaal River safe? 

Recent outbreaks of Cholera in Zimbabwe and reported cases in Limpopo Province, KZN and Mpumalanga have been headline news in almost every newspaper and news bulletin. The big focus on the poor ecological state of most of South Africa's rivers as well as newspaper reports of frequent raw sewage spills are causing people to seriously wonder about the health risks associated with the use of water from the Vaal River as such. 

Midvaal Water Company, as the bulk drinking water provider for Matlosana, would like to inform their consumers that there is no need to doubt the safety of their tap water. A rigorous water quality monitoring program for the KOSH area has been in place for many years.  

In 2004 the KOSH Water Quality Monitoring Committee was established to cover a wide spectrum of water issues.  We integrated the monitoring programmes of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, the Matlosana City Council, the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality and our internal programme to proactively ensure timeous interventions in case a health risk should emerge.  

We are also in close contact with relevant Health Authorities, the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) and other Water Service Providers upstream as well as down stream from Midvaal's abstraction point (from the Vaal River) to ensure an early warning system. We therefore do not only monitor the drinking water that we provide, but also the drinking water in the distribution area.  

As far as pollution monitoring is concerned, sewage effluents in our catchment area that might affect our water quality are also monitored. This includes the following rivers and streams in our catchment area: Vaal River, Schoon Spruit, Koekemoer Spruit, Jag Spruit and Taaibosch Spuit. Apart from a whole suite of pollution sampling, samples for Cholera are also taken regularly in all these streams.  From all the samples that have been taken to date, Vibrio cholerae was not detected in either bulk water supplies or the rivers that boarder the townships. The DWAF and Water Service Providers upstream of Midvaal also confirmed last Friday that all samples for the Vaal River tested negative for infectious Cholera. 

Concerning the Cholera risk in tap water, it is necessary to emphasize that cholera is transmitted in the first instance by people rather than by treated tap water. Sources of cholera might be poor hygiene practices, poor sanitation practices and person to person contact or drinking water from polluted rivers.

Furthermore, the bacterium that causes Cholera is very sensitive to Chlorine and Ozone. Midvaal uses both these powerful oxidants, Ozone and Chlorine, with three additional treatment steps (Flotation, Sedimentation and Filtration) to reduce the risk of any pathogen entering the water distribution system.  

The chlorine dosing system is such that chlorine is dosed at least at two points, each with a backup chlorine tank. That implies that even if a system should fail, there are always at least three other operating systems to protect the treated water. Midvaal is proud to say that at least for the past 25 years (i.e. as long as we can remember) not once did a drop of non-chlorinated water leave our plant. 

Midvaal Water Company would like to make the following information, issued by the WHO Representative in South Africa,  available for people who plan to visit Cholera risk areas during the coming holiday season.

Hansa Powerade Dusi 2009 preparations going well 

Natal canoe club, the organisers of the worlds biggest canoe marathon, the Hansa Powerade Dusi report that all is going well with preparations for the event in January.

 ‘We are on track and very happy with the way things are going at the moment" said Ray De Vries spokesman for the organisers.

 "Our initial concerns were water quality, water quantity and the water Hyacinth in the rivers. We are very happy with the water quality at the moment. Compared to last year it has improved dramatically with far fewer paddlers reporting the dreaded Dusi guts whilst training in the River. We also have a pharmaceutical company that has a vaccine against bacteria and cholera as an added precaution. Full details of this will be available on shortly. 

The Umsumdusi municipality have a special task force to handle any sewer breaks and they will be on full alert during the season as many paddlers come down to KZN to practice for the race. The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) are already working in the River to get rid of the Hyacinth and will carry on through the rest of December and January with crop sprayers and boat crews. Healthy rains have ensured that there is more water in the River system now then there was at the same time last year which bodes well for water releases from Umgeni Water.

The organisers are confident that the dam will be 100% come January. Our security teams have already met with the provincial SAPS and, as usual, we are receiving great support from them" said de Vries. Nearly 1800 paddlers are expected to enter the race which takes place on January 15, 16 and 17 from Pietermaritzburg to Durban with two overnight stops, the first at Dusi Bridge below Cato Ridge and the second at the Msinsi resort at Inanda Dam. The race finishes at Blue Lagoon in Durban.

 One of the great features of this epic event is the charity angle. Over R600,000 was raised for the SPCA, Starfish and DUCT and the organisers expect this to be a larger figure in 2009. An online auction will be held the top 60 bids received who will start in a special batch each day -- approximately 35 minutes after the seeded batch. 

Details on the online auction as well as online entries are available at 

Senwes wys wen-entrepreneur vir laerskole aan 

Danie Jacobs van Laerskool Jim Fouché in Bloemfontein is aangewys as die wen-entrepreneur in die laerskole-afdeling van Senwes se jaarlikse entrepreneurs-kompetisie. Sy wen-idee is om kinders weer aan die speel te kry en behels die bemarking van tradisionele speletjies, soos kennetjie, in sakkies.  

Danie het R5 000 losgeslaan met dié blink idee. In die tweede plek was Candice Storm en vennote, wat prysgeld van R3 000 gewen het, met hul idee om kindergesiggies in te kleur voor partytjies. Rudo Peens, verlede jaar se wenner, het vanjaar die derde plek verower met sy gebottelde water en die verkoop van vuurmaakhout. Hy het R2 000 gewen.  

Tydens die ontbyt, wat by die Universiteit van die Vrystaat in Bloemfontein gehou is, is die hoërskoolfinaliste ook aangewys. Hierdie vyf finaliste het elkeen R1 500 ontvang om hul besigheidsidee te implementeer en sal hul finansiële state tot 31 Maart 2009, vir finale beoordeling inhandig. 

Die vyf hoërskoolfinaliste is: Peet Pretorius (Eendrag CVO, Heilbron), Marlo Peens en vennote (Hoërskool Sand du Plessis, Bloemfontein), Johlitha Esterhuizen (Hoërskool Fichardtpark, Bloemfontein), Elizna en Anina Keeve (Kroonstad Akademie) en Zanelle Pretorius (Hoërskool Fichardtpark).  

Pieter Esterhuysen (Hoofbestuurder: Senwes Grainlink) het as hoofspreker met die jong entrepreneurs gesels en ook sy definisie van entrepreneurskap met hulle gedeel. “Entrepreneurskap is 'n vermoë wat aan jou toevertrou word om jou hulpbronne optimaal te kan benut,” het hy gesê. 

Senwes se entrepreneurskompetisie bestaan uit twee afdelings, 'n laerskole-afdeling en hoërskole-afdeling, en dit word in twee fases aangebied. Die eerste fase sluit die voorlê van 'n besigheidsplan en 'n onderhoud waar vrae oor die besigheidsplanne gevra word, in. Die besigheidsplanne word deur die Universiteit van die Vrystaat se Fakulteit Ekonomiese- en Bestuurswetenskappe geëvalueer. Aan die einde van die eerste fase word die wenner van die laerskole-afdeling aangewys en die finaliste van die hoërskole-afdeling aangekondig. Die hoërskool-finaliste dring dan deur tot die tweede fase van die kompetisie, waar hul elkeen   R1 500 ontvang om hul besigheidsplan te implementeer.  

Hoërskool Sentraal het tydens die funksie 'n R12 500 koopbewys ontvang in 'n gelukkige trekking. Laerskool Jim Fouché en Hoërskool Fichardtpark het, as die laerskool en hoërskool met die meeste inskrywings, R10 000 elk ontvang. 





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